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Idc lol.

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organizing my sons clothes; phew! ♥ #babyclothes

I am so excited to be a mom


I cannot wait to watch my son grow into who he will be. I can’t wait to watch his baby features turn into the face he’ll have, I can’t wait to watch as his personality unfolds. I can’t wait to learn what things he likes and dislikes, what his talents are, whether or not he hates things like tomatoes and loves things like chocolate milk. I can’t wait to hear his laughter and hold him when he cries.

I just can’t wait to watch my son develop.

Anonymous asked:
Are you happy were you are?

Damn I haven’t been on tumblr in forever and idk how old this is but yes, yes I am

Reblog this if you where “fat” BEFORE you got pregnant.


im tired of seeing all these mumblers complaining about gaining weight while being pregnant. having stretch marks is NOT the end of the world. 

I don’t care if I sound stubborn but “if I can’t love you as a lover I will love you as a friend”. You’ve been in my life for too long to throw you away like nothing.